How do i add widgets to the header?

Adding widgets to your header are simple when you are using either the Divi Widget Header, LocalBiz, or GardenBiz.

Step 1 

In your dashboard navigate to Appearance > Widgets

Step 2

Now in the widget section in your dashboard, you will see the "Header" widget area. This is where you the widgets you want to display in the header. You can add pretty much any widget here you would like. to add the icon box and social icon widgets go to step 3

Step 3

the widgets included in our DIvi widget header, Localbiz, and Gardenbiz child themes are named "ATD Icon Box" & "ATD Social Icons"  The ATD Social icons widget allows you to easily add social media icons and links into the header with ease.

The ATD Icon Box is great for display information like store hours, location information, or a simple message with an icon.

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